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About Us

Vision and Values

Our vision is to be a leading health supplement retailer, offer the best service to our customers and help disadvantaged children around the world. By teaming up with a well known charity organization we offer you the chance to provide essential vitamins to a child in need. At, you don’t just make an order, you make a difference.

Respect to our Customers

Our first commitment and values are to the customers who use our products. Knowing you depend on our service pushes us to continue delivering the highest standards. will make every effort to keep costs low, maintain reasonable prices and deliver the highest level of service. All orders will be dealt with accurately, on time, and with privacy. You, the customers, are the lifeblood of our organization, will be treated with respect and are always our first priority.

Passion Towards Helping Others

We are also committed to making the world a better place, and with every order, help a child in need. Joining us in our fight is Vitamin Angels, one of the largest distributors of vitamin A worldwide. They too have a vision and are aiming to supply nutrients to 50 million children a year over the next 3-5 years. In 2010 they made amazing progress and doubled the amount of children they were reaching to roughly 24 million around the world.

A simple order can gather momentum, soon helping a malnourished child in one of forty two different countries. After gaining the nutrients they need, a healthier child is given more opportunities with education and independence. At we hope that our positive attitude and ambitions rub off onto those around us and together we can make the world a better place.

Pioneering Employees doesn’t forget its responsibility towards employees. Everyone working for the organization is considered an individual and their dignity is respected at all levels. Each and every worker is free to make suggestions and equal opportunity is of high importance. The best team members are those that can take initiative and bring a positive influence to the workplace.

We strive to create a better environment for everyone with diversity and understanding. Without the ethical standards of the workplace will lose its true values and struggle to develop as a business.

Achieving Our Goals

Our overall goal is to be the best in everything we do. By believing in our capability and creating quality, we can continue to improve as an organization. As we progress, our potential increases and we can not only show more drive, but also increase the commitment to our values.

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